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Our Story

With 10 years of accumulated experience in the finance industry, Ahmed and Alhosain discovered that there is too much wasted time and effort to get an expense report!! Let alone wasting too much papers and human errors just to achieve a single task!!

To improve their work, they built Excel templates to organize expenses and show critical financial KPIs which led to increasing their productivity by 2x. Surprisingly, they find out that most decision makers and business owners face the same issue!

In March 2021, they decided to solve the issue by combining their skills and expertise. They assembled the team and initiated “Lamha” with a goal to automate the companies’ spending with Saudi hands. We launched “Lamha” after 15 months of development and experimentation to enable companies and financial professionals to make better decisions, manage spending, and issue employees corporate credit cards, and more in one place in a glimpse.

Lamha to Where?

Lamha in a mission to disrupt the FinTech industry.


Enabling businesses to grow and sustain by automating and simplifying financial tasks.


To make financial management effortless


Innovation, Empowerment, Customer-Oriented, Shariah Compliance, Ethic

The Amazing Team

Our team has complementary skills with industry experience such as finance, software development, analysis, marketing, etc which enabled us to develop Lamha for you.